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How to cook pasta with chicken and mushrooms

Potocin is a delicious Italian dish, and the name of Futucini is called a long pasta cooked in many ways. It can be cooked with vegetables, tomato sauce, minced meat, white sauce, cream and cheese. The working woman can prepare the white sauce and when she returns from her work Climb pasta and add the sauce, and so you get a delicious dish and simple and fast time, and we will now learn how to prepare a dish of filotochein with chicken and cream and mushrooms in the easiest way.

Here’s how to cook chicken and mushrooms for fettuccine, to prepare them for Italian cuisine, one of the easiest and fastest recipes
Pasta appetizers, which can be served with the authorities. You may also want to try a pasta pasta with cheese sauce.
Ingredients of fetcuccine with chicken and mushrooms:

500 g pasta noodles
500 g Broasted chicken breasts
1 Red Pepper Clip
Green Pepper
2 cups cream
Cook 50 g mozzarella or cheddar cheese
1 teaspoon butter Salt and pepper as desired

How to cook pasta with fettuccine Chicken and Mushroom:

1. In a bowl on the fire, roast the pasta and then drain it.
2. On a fire in a bowl melted butter.
3. Add chicken, pepper and pepper, stirring.
4. Leave the pot on fire until the chicken is fully cooked.
5. Add red pepper, green and mushrooms after washing and liquidating.
6. Flake until the peppers dissolve.
7. Add the cream and leave the bowl until boiling.
8. Add pasta and some cheese.
9. Leave the pot on the fire for 5 minutes.
10. Lift the container out of the fire.
11. Spike noodles in a Pairx tray or a large dish that bears the microwave heat.
12. Brush the remaining cheese on the face.
13. Enter the Chinese / microwave dish until the cheese melts.
14. Her feet are hot.

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