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chicken soup

It is the most renowned soup in the Arab world, light on the stomach and brimming with healthful esteem, and can be presented with lunch; since it recommends extravagance from one viewpoint, and immersed with the fundamental nourishment, which makes it a coordinated eating regimen.

Chicken soup with vegetables

A list of chicken.

Three grains of onion.

Two bits of carrots.

Three grains of potatoes.

A bit of turkey pepper.

One fourth of a parsley.

One fourth of the dill.

A large portion of the leader of the blossom.

Garlic cloves.

Century of green pepper.

A squeeze of dark pepper.

A squeeze of salt.

Spoon of chicken flavor.

The most effective method to plan

Clean the chicken in the coveted way, and you should notice lemon, which implies that you have disposed of the terrible stench exuding from them. Convey the chicken and attempt to haul out the bone, slice the zone you need to use in setting up the soup, and some like to utilize chicken bosom more than the thigh.

Sprinkle the chicken with flavors you have, ideally don’t overcompensate them in readiness since it will cover the flavors on the fundamental taste of new vegetables. Bring the cooking pot, cut the onion, include a tablespoon of oil or margarine, and after that pour the onions until brilliant.

Add the meat to the meat and attempt to mix it well, so take the onion taste with the oil, and start the procedure of development, meanwhile cut the vegetables in little 3D squares until the point that you get the shapes steady, ideally begin with the islands and potatoes; since they require more opportunity to cook than different kinds Other vegetables.

Put the vegetables on the chicken and blend each other until the point when the shading starts to change, and afterward include whatever is left of the fixings you have, and afterward ensure it is marginally rosy with oil, chicken and onions.

Put an amount of water, and this amount should coordinate the measure of vegetables you have, at that point put the cover and the end principles, and leave ablaze for in any event thirty minutes, and after that include salt and dark pepper, and here the dish is prepared.

Chicken soup with rice


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