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Healthy Chicken Tomatoes Soup

Depiction Recipe

Chicken tomatoes soup is a most loved sustenance for the two youngsters and grown-up alike. They are anything but difficult to make with new fixings, and are additionally nutritious.

The Basic Ingredients in Chicken Tomatoes Soup

1-Tomatoes: Is the second most expended and generally developed vegetable on the planet after potatoes. Tomatoes are a low vitality thick sustenance with stunning constituents that may decidedly influence wellbeing. Tomatoes have an interesting wholesome and phyto-concoction are the carotenoids comprising of 60% to 65 lycopene, and 15% carotenes.

A few research examinations have demonstrated that a converse connection between lycopene focuses and danger of a few diseases. Easting sustenances contain lycopene like tomatoes can anticipate tumor advancement and aggravation of the conduits.

Tomatoes are likewise a phenomenal wellspring of ascorbic corrosive, around 200mg and are the significant wellspring of vitamin C take after to citrus. In addition tomatoes contain little measure of lutein and flavonoids.

It is best to expend tomatoes with a fat source as this will build its bioavailability to the body. In this manner getting ready tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes with olive oil to discharge the lycopene for ideal ingestion from the sustenance.

2-Potatoes: Is the third nourishment trim after wheat and rice. Potatoes yield on a normal more sustenance vitality, wellspring of starches, but on the other hand is an incredible wellspring of fundamental amino acids. Sugars in potatoes is starch, little part of this starch is impervious to processing by proteins in the stomach and digestive system.

Potato would protection be able to against colon disease, enhances glucose resilience and insulin affectability, and brings down cholesterol. Potatoes contain a direct measure of vitamin C, and contribute a little measure of selenium and folate.

3-Onions: Are super sound nourishment and incredible wellsprings of vitamin C, flavonoids, and potassium. Studies have demonstrated that onions may help decrease the danger of cardiovascular ailment, Parkinson, and tumors. Additionally onions enhance bone thickness in ladies, particularly have completed menopause. Eating onions can bring down danger of crack in ladies.

Healthy Chicken Tomatoes Soup

Yield: 4 servings

Planning Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

Level: Easy


2 chicken bosoms, skinless, cut cubed

2 onions, cuts

2 carrots, cuts

1 celery stalk, hacks

1 potato, cut cubed

500g tomatoes, cut quarters

1 tbsp spread

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp dark pepper

4 containers chicken stock

2 containers whipping cream



1-Heat oil in sauce dish over medium warmth, include the chicken and cook until dark colored. Put aside.

2-Melt spread in hot container include all vegetables; blend well include tomatoes, and 2 measures of the chicken soup. Cook until delicate.

3-Remove the vegetable blend let it cool. Mix in the blend well, and depleted.

4-Put the soup over medium warmth; include the rest chicken stock and the chicken. Include dark pepper and salt.

5-Cook until bubbled, include whipping cream let it cook for two minutes.

6-Serve hot with Bread and embellishment with new celery.

Nourishment Facts

Serving size: 1 serving

Calories 203

Cholesterol 39.9mg

Fats 3.0g

Protein 21.0g

Starches 25.4g

Potassium 733.7mg

Vitamin C 65%

Vitamin A 114.9%

Vitamin B-6 43.0%

Press 18.0%

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