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Fried chicken pieces

Chicken is usually eaten almost daily. White meat tastes delicious when cooked grilled or fried, but everyone likes to eat a certain piece of chicken, some prefer to eat a thigh or a wing, some prefer chicken breasts, but we will eat here Talk about fried chicken breasts sold in the market separately from chickens, and chicken breasts must be spiced in a good and delicious way, and remove the bones when fried, so that we eat easily and enjoy the taste crunchy.


2 x egg number
1 x x cup of crushed raspberries
1 x x cup flour
1 x small hanging garlic powder
1 x small onion hanging (powder)
1 x Number of chickens (whole)
X x small hanging dried thyme
X x hanging small basil


Hnslk chick in water for 20 minutes.
In Pula we cook eggs and add half a suspended salt and a quarter suspended black ground pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a quarter of hanging za’atar and a quarter suspended basil and tossed cones.
We cut the chick for 8 parts and hamburra in the flour and then in the eggs and then in the squares, and using the hanging covered with biscuits Ques.
Chicken pan is about half an hour long because the mixture is stuck.
Hankli cut the chicken in hot oil is hot to the extent that turn to color gold


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