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Extraordinary Chicken Tabbouleh Salad for Summer

Portrayal Recipe

Lebanese Food contains an a lot of entire grains, new vegetables, organic products, and starches; ordinarily poultry is eaten more than red meat. In addition, garlic, crisp herbs, flavors, and olive oil.

Tabbouleh plate of mixed greens is conventional dish contains parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, mint, green onions, lemon, and olive oil. This dish is exceptionally solid.

Here are medical advantages of Tabbouleh or Tabouli

Parsley: Tabouli contains parsley is high in cancer prevention agents and an extraordinary wellspring of vitamin K, which help for solid bone and shields the mind from neural harm.

Bulgur: is a high wellspring of manganese. One bowl bulgur contains around half of your day by day manganese needs. Manganese is critical for wellbeing bone, and control your glucose levels. In this way, when we eat bulgur will keep up your bone wellbeing.

Garlic: Is an extraordinary zest, used to treat contamination against infections, microbes and that’s just the beginning. Garlic contains a decent wellspring of manganese, calcium, press potassium, vitamin C, and selenium. Garlic can lessen the danger of coronary illness, cholesterol levels, diabetes, and malignancy.

– Mint: Is herb that has been utilized for a long time for therapeutic properties. Mint is an awesome canapé, and advances processing. Drinking some mint tea can treat your stomach, additionally decrease sickness and cerebral pain. Notwithstanding use biting gum, whose real dynamic fixing in mint, may to build levels of memory maintenance and mental readiness than the individuals who

Different Benefits

Tabouli is high in fiber, potassium, vitamin c and choline, which is bolster a solid heart. Studies have demonstrated that a decent measure of potassium with a low in sodium admission is critical to diminish of coronary illness and hypertension.

Tabouli contains an awesome wellspring of cancer prevention agents and vitamin C, especially in tomatoes can forestall free radicals. Tomatoes contain lycopene is the anticipation of prostate tumor. Notwithstanding beta-carotene has been appeared to diminish of colon disease.

Awesome Chicken Tabbouleh Salad for Summer

Yield: 4 servings

Planning Time: 15 Minutes

Level: Easy


300g chicken bosoms, boneless, cooked

1 glass bulgur (doused in water for 30 minutes, and depleted)

1 glass tomatoes, slashed

1 glass parsley, daintily slashed

1/2 glass green onion, daintily slashed

2 tbsp crisp mint, daintily slashed

1/2 glass additional virgin olive oil

1/4 glass lemon juice

1 tsp cumin

1/4 glass peanuts simmered



1-Cut chicken bosoms into little cubed.

2-In an expansive bowl join bulgur, tomatoes, onions, mint, and the chicken; blend well

3-Add the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and cumin over the chicken.

4-Add the peanuts on top the chicken Tabouli.

5-Serve and can be eaten the fundamental dish or as hors d’oeuvre.

Sustenance Facts

Serving size: 1 serving

Calories 200

Fats 11g

Protein 6g

Sugars 18g

Sodium 410mg

Vitamin C 56%

Vitamin A 12%

Press 6%

Calcium 5%

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