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Chicken Liver with Lemon Pickled is not only delicious and easy to make, but is full of nutrients like protein, vitamins, fat, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Here are the Health Benefits of Chicken Liver with Pickled Lemon


1- Chicken Liver

 Chicken liver is excellent source in vitamin A and iron, as well as a high amount of protein.

– Chicken liver contain vitamin B12, which can help red blood cell improve cellular function.

–   Chicken liver is the good food to consume provides folate, and thus iron and vitamin B12 in chicken liver will effectively choice to protect against anemia. But added lemon juice to get vitamin C that helps to absorb iron. 

– Chicken liver can nourishes and maintains the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

– It improved vision.

– Eating chicken liver can reduce stress.


Tips for cooking Chicken liver

– Remove any greenish parts on the chicken liver, to avoid the taste bitter.

– Chicken liver has a strong flavor, so you should soak the livers in the milk and lemon juice for 20 minutes. 

– Cook the chicken liver with lots of aromatic herbs, onion, or garlic.


2- Pickled Lemon


– Lemon is one of the popular citric fruits used for making pickles for many health benefits in your body. The traditional method of making pickled lemon uses ingredients such as oil, salt, hot green pepper and dry chili.

– Pickled lemons rich in vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants, which can helpful in reduction of cancer, obesity, and arthritis.

– Pickled lemon free saturated fats or cholesterol.

– Great source of vitamins B such as pantothenic acids, and folate.

– Is the natural preservative that helps in good digestion and helps dissolve kidney stones.

– Pickled lemon contains a good amount of minerals such as iron, calcium potassium that help control heart rate. Although lemon pickle has many health but high amount can cause damage, thus moderate intake, especially if you has some disease like high blood pressure, or other.


Easy Chicken Liver with Pickled Lemon Recipe


Yield: 3- 4 persons

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Level: Easy




1/2 kg chicken liver

1 big onion diced

2 pickled lemon, diced

1 tsp dry celery

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp butter



For Presentation:  Small diced fried potatoes




1- Sauté onion in butter till it is golden brown.

2- Add chicken liver; don’t stir too much, lower heat.

3- Add salt, celery, and pepper.

4- Add pickled lemon just before serving.

5- Serve on a bed of fried diced potatoes.


Nutrition Facts Chicken Liver with Pickled Lemon Recipe


Serving size: 1 serving


Calories                                  300

Cholesterol                             587mg

Fats                                         9.0g

Protein                                   28.7g

Potassium                              491mg

Carbohydrates                         4.0g

Sodium                                    221mg

Vitamin C                                40%

Vitamin A                                64%

Iron                                        160%

Zinc                                         27%

Folate                                     140%

Vitamin B-6                              65%











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