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Chicken with cream and mushrooms


2 x Large hanging olive oil
2 x Number of chicken breasts (small cubes)
2 x crushed black pepper
2 x number of crushed garlic cloves
1 x hanging small thyme
1 x small hanging basil
1 x Kilogram Mushroom (Section)
1 x creamy cream cup
1 x hanging large butter
1 x hanging large corn oil
1 x onion (cut into small pieces)
1 x small suspended salt (or as desired)


In Boula we add chicken pieces and enthalps with olive oil, pepper, thyme, basil and chicken broccoli in seasoning for at least 6 hours and preferably in seasoning before cooking overnight.
In a suit on the fire, sprinkle the butter and add a little oil and toss them into the chicken pieces until it turns red and raises them from the fire and leave aside.
In another suit, heat a little oil and stir the onions and garlic to the point where they are cooked. Then add the mushrooms and stir for 5 minutes.
Add the chicken pieces to the mushrooms and continue to stir slightly.
Add the cream, salt and pepper spray and toss the sauce and pour them on the fire for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is leveled.
Serve hot with salad and rice ..

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