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Chicken soup with turkey pepper

Broken chicken.

Three grains of onion.

Four grains of turkey pepper all hues (green, yellow, red, buff).

A squeeze of salt. A squeeze of dark pepper.

A teaspoon of curry flavors.

Half teaspoon of cardamom.

Two teaspoons of sharp flavors.

The most effective method to get ready :

How to prepare:

Cut the chicken for four parts,  Then add the onions and hearts together, and you can add the potato pieces if you want, sprinkle a little salt and black pepper, and make sure that the chicken gets the appropriate peeling.  Add the chicken in a pot of fire with the oil, stir well, and make sure not to stick to the wall of the pot.  Add the onion slices with the potato pieces and turkey cubes, stir them together, add the water, close the sauce, and then add the spices you want. Cover the mixture and leave it for half an hour until it is fully cooked, then put the fire down and pour it in a large dish.

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