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Chicken soup with rice


An entire chicken.

An extensive onion slashed.

A large portion of a measure of rice.

A bit of turkey pepper.

Five grains of tomatoes.

Five dabs of cloves.

A large portion of a tablespoon of cleaved ginger.

A squeeze of salt.

A squeeze of dark pepper.

The most effective method to plan :

The most effective method to plan

Ensure you clean your chicken, and make an effort not to cut, and clean well from within, and try to evacuate the bits of meat inside them, they are cut off and should be wiped out.

Sprinkle lemon with tomato cut, leave aside.

Add the water to the rice, and try to drench for quite a while; in light of the fact that that way to dispose of the measure of starch in it, and after that the rice from the water. Cut onion in little pieces, with a couple of little bits of tomatoes and add to the rice, include salt and dark pepper, and drops of broiling oil, and heart.

Bring the chicken, at that point a large portion of the measure of rice in the core of the chicken, close it with the wooden meat, and abandon it aside. Bring the huge dish and put the oil on it, at that point bring the onions and sprinkle over it, at that point put the chicken, try to darker from all sides, and after that to a substantial volume, and put water over it and abandon it ablaze to bubble totally. Cover the chicken, and after thirty minutes, open the pot, include the rice you have, and close it once more.


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