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chicken soup with noodles

Useful and easy to prepare soup Ingredients are simple and available You can use the remaining chicken pieces in this recipe is full of flavor and you will like it is an easy and fast soupIngredients of Chicken Soup:

The soup is one of the most important side dishes on tables around the world. There are many types of soups made by housewives, such as: vegetable soup, oatmeal soup, lentil soup, frike soup, and the most popular soups, This is due to its excellent taste, its great benefit to health, and it is possible to make chicken noodles soup or meat, and we will inform you in this article on the way to describe the chicken soup with barley.

Cooked chicken breast and cut

A cup of noodles toaster

A small spoon and a half chicken curry

Large spoon salt (as desired)

A small spoon of white pepper (as desired)

Half teaspoon ginger

Four cups of water boiled chicken (or four cups boiling water and cubes chicken broth)

With finely chopped onion

.quarter cup of Vegetarian oil

Two sliced circles and a half-cooked salami

How to work chicken soup with barley:

1. Put the oil in a pot on low heat

2. When the oil becomes hot, add the onion to a salt shop until the onions melt and add the carrot circles

3. Exercise salt, white pepper, ginger and their hearts well with onions and carrots

4.Active cutting chicken breasts and hearts slightly with oil, onions and carrots

5. Add water to the chicken and stir it a little

6. When boiling, add roasted noodles

7. Active curry chicken and stirring

8.Take soup to boil until the vermicelli is cooked

9. Remove them from the fire and pour them in suitable dishes and hot feet

* Add lemon juice to your dish and enjoy its sour taste

* You can add the disabled from the Lord of the tomato to become a red color

* You can add a cup of parsley soft after the maturity of the vermicelli so that the color of parsley is not black

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