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Chicken Fajita

Chicken Fajita is one of the most famous Mexican dishes, which has spread in America and throughout the world. This dish is characterized by its distinctive flavor, as well as its fast preparation. There are two types of fajitas; fajita with chicken and feta in meat. The Fajitas dish is usually eaten with tortilla bread and in this article the method of preparing chicken fajitas and tortilla bread will be presented. Chicken Fajita with curry spices


3 x Large hanging olive oil
2 x number of crushed garlic cloves
1 x small black ground pepper (or as desired)
1 x small hanging lemon juice
1 x small suspended salt (or as desired)
1 x Number of onion (sliced)
1 x Number of sweet red peppers
X x Small hanging dried coriander grated
X x hanging small cumin
X x pinned small pepper crushed protector
X x kilo chicken breasts (chopped small pieces)


In Bula, mix two tablespoons of oil with lemon juice, salt, garlic, chili, cumin and coriander.
Add the chicken slices and toss them in the sauce and cover the urine and enter the refrigerator at least two hours and the best to rise in the refrigerator by a night.
In a second bowl, add onions, red pepper, salt and black pepper, and add large oil and turn them very soft.
Heat a pan over medium heat and stir in onion and pepper mixture until they are cooked.
Add the chicken slices to the pan and toss them from time to time until they are equal.
We add the fahita to the dish of presentation, and here and there.


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