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Chicken breasts with white sauce

Chicken breasts of dishes spread in the kitchens of all countries, and prepared in different ways and varied, which can be grilled or fried or in the oven or with different types of delicious sauce


2 x cup whole (light)
2 x number of crushed garlic cloves
1 x hanging large butter
1 x small hung paprika
1 x Number of Chicken Spice Cube
1 x small suspended salt (or as desired)
1 x finely ground black pepper (or as desired)
X x kilo chicken breast
X x cup water


We cook chicken coy and dry it out of excess water.
Bake the butter in a pan over the fire and roast chicken in it for two minutes or until the color of the flame for each face.
Place the chicken in a side dish and grind the garlic in the same bowl and scour the broth of the broth in the water cup and add to the garlic.
Add the bashamel and season with salt, pepper and paprika. When the mixture is first boiled, let the chicken return to the dipper again.
Bring the fire and cover the bowl until it is fully mature.

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