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Chicken breast with lemon cream


 4 x outstanding large lemon juice   

 2 x Large hanging delicate    

 2 x Number of chicken breasts (or half a kilo)     

1 x cup broth chicken   

 1 x crushed black pepper    

1 x Salt Brush    

 1 x large hanging olive oil     

1 x cup of cream   

  1 x hanging large butter    

 1 x Oyster Head Balls (minced)


Cut every chest of chicken bosoms into two cuts until the point that we have four cuts.

Season the chicken cuts with salt and pepper and sprinkle with flour on the two sides.

In a bowl on the fire, put the spread and oil, include the chicken and ruddy one of the two sides until the point when you take a brilliant shading and after that dark colored the opposite side of the cuts of chicken and afterward deplete from the bowl and put aside.

At that point include one quarter measure of stock to a similar bowl, mitigate the fire and leave until overflowing with blending, and endeavor to evacuate whatever is left of the seared chicken and blend well with the juices.

At that point include the rest of the juices and cream and leave until the point when bubbling over medium warmth for two minutes or until the point when the sauce is thickened.

Add lemon juice to the sauce and hurl and season with salt and pepper. Include lemon squeeze as wanted

Add the chicken fingers to the sauce and leave until the point that the sauce is bubbling. At that point warmth and leave for 5 minutes.

Shed in the serving dish and designed with balls presented with pasta or pureed potatoes or white cedar

The quantity of individuals

You can change the quantity of individuals


Preparation time: 10 minutes  

Cooking time: 15 minutes    

Total time: 25 minutes

Used equipments  

 Potato Ghouta  

Hanging wood


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