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bashmil pasta with chicks

Bacheamel :

Balsamil is one of the unmistakable sauces that add to the dishes a heavenly flavor. Balsamic can be set up in a brisk and simple route at home, and dishes that can be readied utilizing balsamic, chicken stew, balsamic, mushrooms and chicken with balsamic.

Chicken stew with balsamic and mushrooms:


 Kilo of pulled chicken breasts (without bones).

One and a half cups of mushrooms.

A glass of corn.  

A medium onion cut to the guinea pig.

Two cups and a half a barrel.

Two tablespoons olive oil.  

Teaspoon salt.

Half teaspoon ground black pepper.  

Components of bashamel:  

Two cups of liquid milk.

 Two tablespoons of flour.

Two tablespoons of butter.  

How to prepare :

Cut the chicken into medium estimated pieces. Pick the onion with olive oil and include salt, pepper, mushrooms and corn, and hurl it until the point when the onions soften, at that point include chicken and blend until cooked. Set up the bachamel (you can utilize the cream). To set up the bashamel, liquefy the margarine on the fire and add the flour to it. Blend well to expel the flour squares and abandon it on the fire with mixing until the point when bubbles show up, at that point expel it from the fire and include the drain with consistent mixing. Include the bashamel sauce over the chicken and let it bubble. We serve chicken with balsamic in a plate alongside rice or pasta.


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