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We all are aware of the delectable dishes that we can prepare with the help of a Crockpot Chicken. Dishes prepared with the help of Crockpots are not just healthy but quick and basic as well. Here are a few Crockpot Chicken recipes ideas that you can try out.

1.Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken
Our nearby supermarkets are filled with ready to eat Rotisserie Chicken, but we have an easier way to get your favourite Rotisserie chicken instead of taking long drives to the supermarkets. Yes, cooking Rotisserie Chicken by yourself. Don’t forget to keep your Crockpot Chicken ready.
Let’s get started!

Servings: 7

Cook time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total time: 1 and a half hour

•1 or 2 Whole Chicken (as per the quantity you need)
•Kosher Salt – 1 tablespoon
•Onion Powder – 1½ tablespoons
•Paprika – 1 teaspoon (or more if you love spicy food)
•Thyme dried – 1 tablespoon
•Pepper – ½ teaspoon
•Cayenne – ½ teaspoon
•Garlic powder – 1 tablespoon
•Sundried Sage – 1 teaspoon
•Onion – 2 or more, cut into halves.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to wash the whole chicken thoroughly with water.
2. Pat dry the chicken with the help of napkin or any clothe and set it aside.
3. Now you must prepare spices for Rotisserie chicken.
4. Take Paprika, Kosher salt, thyme, onion powder, cayenne, pepper, garlic powder and sage in a bowl.
5. Whisk all the spices together. Your spice mix for Rotisserie chicken is ready.
6. Rub the spice mix on the outside and inside and under the skin of the chicken very carefully.
7. Wrap the chicken in an aluminium foil and keep it in the refrigerator for 1 to 24 hours.
8. Before cooking, rest the chicken outside the fridge for 40 minutes.
9. Fill the cavity of chicken with onion.
10. Place the chicken that you have prepared in the crockpot and cover it with lid. Cook on high for 4 and a half hours or cook on low for 6 and a half hours. Serve hot.

Here is another easy Crockpot Chicken recipe for you for your lazy weekends. This is one of the easiest and delicious chicken parmesan recipes. This recipe can be included in your diet plan if you are trying to lose weight as it is packed with an adequate amount of good fat, protein and vitamins. It will help you feel full for a more extended period.

2. Chicken Parmesan Crockpot Casserole

Servings: 7

Prep time: 1 hour

Cook time: 4 hours

Total time: 5 hours

• Boneless chicken or chicken breasts
• Pasta- 13 ounces (Recommended pasta- Penne)
• Garlic Powder- 1 tablespoon
• Dried basil- 1 tablespoon
• Tomatoes- one and a half cane
• Olive oil- 2 tablespoons
• Breadcrumbs- 1 cup
• Cheese Mozzarella- 2 cup
• Thyme: 1 teaspoon
• Oregano- as per your taste
• Water- 1 cup

• Prepare the sauce: Take crushed tomatoes in a bowl and add salt, pepper, garlic, and basil to the mixture. Whisk the spices and crushed tomatoes together. The sauce is ready. You can add additional spices like paprika and oregano to this sauce if you love experimenting with your taste buds.
• If you are lazy enough to prepare the sauce at home, you can buy jarred sauce from a nearby supermarket.
• Take the crockpot and put all the sauce in it.
• Now, you have to cook the chicken by putting it into the crockpot on a low flame until the chicken is cooked
• Once the chicken is cooked, shred it.
• Add pasta and into the crockpot and cover it with a lid.
• Cook for 20-35 minutes more.
• Once the pasta is cooked, add mozzarella cheese to the pan and cover the lid again.
• Cook for 15 more minutes on a very low flame
• Put down the crockpot from the flame once all the cheese is melted.
• Uncover the heavenly Chicken Parmesan Crockpot Casserole.
• To add little bit crunch to your Chicken Parmesan Casserole, fry some breadcrumbs in olive oil.
• Top your Chicken Parmesan Crockpot Casserole with fried breadcrumbs.
• Easy Crockpot Chicken Recipe is ready. Garnish it with some thyme and serve hot.
To know about other fabulous chicken recipes, you can check out other recipes on our page.

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